Taking on Love in College

I’m personally the biggest fan of young love, I can thank my experience for that. I believe it’s necessary to experience young love just for the sake of learning and growing from it. It’s simple, boy likes girl. There are no hard obstacles to go through in high school and no life changing decisions you have to make – yet. A love that lasts will make it to graduation, college and then real life. I’ll be the first to admit being in a relationship in college is tough, not tough to love but tough to make it together.

I may be in the small, unicorn-percentage of people that have been in a long-term relationship while in high school, but I know I’m not alone. As I have previously written in the blog “My Love,” which I wrote as a graduated senior last year, I started dating my boyfriend Konner my sophomore year in high school. How lucky am I to say that we’ve now been dating for four years! *holy* I have literally grown up and matured while also watching Konner grow and mature in the time we’ve been together, which is a really special experience. Going to college together this past year was something I’m so grateful for because not a lot of couples are lucky enough to do the same.


High school graduation day 2015.

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Our first day of college at Midwestern State University.

I want to start with saying relationships in college are hard because you want the best for each other, but you must start with yourself. Your own future is incredibly important along with the decisions you make towards it. Needless to say it’s hard to worry about yourself, let alone someone else – but you do. There came a point, and in all honesty this point could be never ending, in which Konner and I just didn’t know if our futures were gonna align together. There is no question that we love each other, but we are still trying to figure out life on our own and prepare for a life after college where we will have the best career and opportunities. Who are we to keep each other from pursuing our dreams and becoming the best versions of ourselves?

There are also A LOT of new distractions that come with attending a university. Parties and college go hand in hand, and they are way more intense than the high school scene. Alcohol is easier to get than ever before and you’re instantly introduced to a world in which you could ask for any drug under the sun and be pointed in the direction of it’s whereabouts. As if thats not enough to make you worry, add that every face you look at doesn’t know anything about you or your girlfriend/boyfriend like your hometown did (not that it matters to most people these days anyways). It’s obvious that trust is the ultimate necessity and it’s really put to the test. Let’s be real though, this IS college and you shouldn’t stop your partner from going out and trying new things (within boundaries people). College is an experience.

“It is beautiful to love and be free at the same time.”

Of course the one thing you can’t control is your busy schedule. On top of class, homework, a part-time job and extra activities there were many days Konner and I didn’t see each other at all, even though we lived just across the lawn from one another in our different dormitories. Making time for each other usually came in the fashion of lunch/dinner dates and study breaks or we would stay up late to hangout if we could. It’s important not to get frustrated with how much you will actually see each other once classes start, but even more so to equally make time for each other. No more curfews + freedom = you can (usually) make it work.

“There is nothing like you and me together.”

I knew before I even stepped foot on a university that it would either make or break my relationship. It’s very easy to get caught up in everything college can be. Yes it took some time adjusting, but in all honesty Konner and I survived our first year in college together because we love, trust and respect each other. If you have those three things, there are no outside forces that can interfere with your relationship – you just don’t let it.

I’m blessed to have a strong relationship with a love that keeps growing and taking us on new adventures. Though I don’t know where the next few years will take us, I’m fine with tackling college for now. So happy 4 years to us, Konner. I love you now, forever and always.

“Veni. Vidi. Amavi. We came. We saw. We loved.”

As always,



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