About Ara



Photographer: Devon Jones

Hey, I’m Ara Washburn! I’m a lover of books, writing, clothing, pink peonies, lipstick, and good company. I’m currently studying mass communication and broadcasting at Midwestern State University. My writing started as a stress-relief, spare-time-filler but quickly became a hobby and love of mine. My love for it led me to share my thoughts, advice, and dreams with you all through my blog As Always, Ara. As I figure out life to the best of my ability, I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy sharing them. My goal with this blog is not to preach to numbers, but for those who care to read; I hope to make a connection, inspire, or at the very least, be worth the read. Please feel free to comment on, like, or share my blog with others!

As Always,


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